My new lamp

As you might have seen already on my Instagram, I have a new lamp! And what a lovely lamp it is... Designed by Kovac Family, handmade in Sweden from sustainable materials and named graciously the 25Lamp, because it's made of 25 pieces. I always loved design pieces that contain a number in their name, Read more

Wooden details

I feel I need more and more wooden details into my home lately. Could it be because it feels like autumn already?! In the past I strongly believed that you should stick to only one type of wood when decorating a room, but right now I feel exactly the opposite. I like to mix different types, getting a Read more

Create moments

I love moments. There are moments in our life which we cannot replicate and that is the beauty of it, for sure... but there are also moments we can recreate over and over again.... Like Sunday mornings, for example... Flowers might be different, tea might be different, the weather is different as well... Read more