Those of you who follow me on Instagram probably know already about my passion for wall art. I think it is such an easy way to bring a new vibe into a room by only changing the art on your walls. And the choices are limitless.

Sometimes though it is difficult to find something new, different or interesting enough. But not so long ago I discovered Posterlounge and my need was completely satisfied.

The company is based in Leipzig and was founded by two brothers, Falk and Florian Teßmer, in 2003. Today, there are about 20 employees working in the office as well as their own production facility, all in the same building.

Posterlounge collaborates with handpicked artists from around the world as well as several agencies, National Geographic being one of them. You can have a look here. Their portfolio currently comprises around 300,000 motifs (including paintings, illustrations and photographs), most of which are printed on demand. You can chose between 5 types of material (poster, canvas, alu-dibond, forex or acrylic glass) and several different sizes. 

Below you can see my own little collection. Unsurprisingly, they are all black and white… Of course.

Photo © stylingaddiction
Photo © stylingaddiction
Photo © stylingaddiction
Photo © stylingaddiction
Photo © stylingaddiction
Photo © stylingaddiction
Photo © stylingaddiction

PS. You can still use the code “MEIRA” to get 20% discount on their website. Valid until 10th of July.

2 thoughts on “Posterlounge”

  1. Dear Natalia,
    Thank you so much for this lovely post! We are very glad and honoured that you’ve chosen several of our prints as part of your personal art collection. 🙂 Your home is a wonderful example of how wall art can add a finishing and individual touch to a place.
    Looking forward to many more blog posts featuring your beautiful styles!
    Talk soon,

    1. Dear Stephanie,
      Thank you very much for your kind words. I really meant what I’ve said in the post. It is challenging to find art that is different and interesting. I was impressed how many unique prints I could find on your website. They all feel special and powerful. And so many choices available!!
      Have a wonderful evening!

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