The perfect sound

I listen to music all the time… Music was always part of my life since I can remember. My dad, grandfather and brother, they were all playing instruments. I tried a few myself, but I realised quite quickly I am not really gifted 🙂 So then, instead of playing, I learned to listen… Music is so powerful, it can change or improve our mood so easily.

If I am at home, music is always in the background. If I have to prepare a styling or a photoshoot, first thing I do is to pick the right music. It puts me in the proper mindset and I am ready for inspiration to flow…

The people close to me know how much I love long walks. I try to do that every single day. And of course it’s even better if you have a good sound to listen too… Recently I came across Sudio headphones. I can really appreciate their cool, elegant design and good quality sound. And since I don’t like messing with wires, I was happy to see they have the Bluetooth version as well. Wireless freedom and no hassle! So convenient…

Photo © stylingaddiction
Photo © stylingaddiction

I like to pick my accessories in sync with my passion for Scandinavian design. That way they will become a lovely part of my interior decor every time I decide to place them somewhere until their next use.

Photo © stylingaddiction
Photo © stylingaddiction

Sudio Sweden was kind enough to even create a discount code for all my readers. Use nataliameira16 at checkout for 15% on all their products. Valid until end of August.

4 thoughts on “The perfect sound”

  1. I understand you perfectly, Natalia! When I was a teenager I constantly listened to music, everywhere! First from my Walkman, then from a discman:)) I still love music, but don’t have as many possibilities to listen to it. I also walk way too little! Maybe I should change it? Have a lovely day! Kasia

    1. Thank you for making the effort to write this comment Kasia. I know your hand is still in healing process. In my home music is ON all the time. It’s so nice to cook while you have some music in the background 🙂 Daily tasks are so much more fun if done while listening to your favourite songs, but I am sure you know that already 🙂
      Yes, if you have the possibility, take a long walk once in a while…so good for your soul…
      A nice evening to you, my dear and hope your hand will fully recover very soon.

      Natalia xx

  2. I really enjoyed this reading, Natalia! So happy to hear you are a music person 🙂 And the head phones look so stylish, fits perfect in your lovely home. Really Wish I had some wireless, too. Happy Sunday evening to you, dear!

    1. Thank you, my dear Siv!
      Music is very inspiring for me…
      The headphones are pretty cool. And they match so well with my style 🙂
      A beautiful evening to you and keep an eye on my next post 🙂

      Natalia xx

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