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It is time for a new guest for our “IG Homes” category and I am so happy to see how welcomed these interviews are! Looks like the Scandinavian minimal aesthetic is loved world wide. This time we are traveling to Germany to meet Jessica. Her Instagram account @monochromehomebyjessica caught my attention a while ago and I was pleasantly surprised to find out what a wonderful person lies behind all those inspiring photos. In her home you’ll find clean lines, muted palettes and a very thoughtful styling. Jessica was kind enough to share many personal details in her answers below, so bring a cup of your favourite drink and enjoy a very pleasant reading!

Photo @monochromehomebyjessica

1. Try to define your personal interior style with only 3 wordsWhite, Scandinavian, bright ( ha, I´m not good with only a few words. I could write a whole novel 🙂 )

Photo @monochromehomebyjessica

2. Do you have a philosophy when it comes to your home? First of all I love our home all white, bright and inviting. Some details in black and wood makes it more alive, more cosy, more interesting. And it has to be Scandinavian. I grew up in a small village near the danish border and have spent a lot of time in Denmark those days. The country, the friendly danish people and their way of living have influenced me and my whole life. For my ( bavarian ) husband I moved to Munich over 20 years ago. Although I love Munich and found many wonderful friends here I am still and always homesick. Styling our home in a Scandinavian way gives me the feeling of not being too far away from this wonderful country and the eternal see. Especially the small items and details have to be “nordic”.

But these details always change. I always need changes – and they depend on my daily mood. I know, this is sometimes hard for my family, especially for my husband. Sometimes he fears that our walls would collapse, because I make so many holes for posters and wall-lamps…haha, no, just kidding. My family bears my interior madness with a lot of love and I´m sure they would miss it if nothing would change over a period of time… 🙂 Basically I want our home tidy and clean, but also comfortable for all members of our family, that means for our 21 years old son and his lovely girlfriend, who meanwhile belongs to our family, for our teenager daughter, our two cats and our old retriever lady and for all my daily clothes which I need for my work with my horse ( no, it lives in a stable not in our house 🙂 ). That often means a challenge and needs furniture with washable covers like our Gervasoni sofa and wipeable surfaces like the Eames chairs.    

Photo @monochromehomebyjessica

3. What made you start your IG account? A few years ago I had an interior blog – at that time there was no IG. I loved to be in contact with so many people all over the world and I have met so many nice ladies. Several magazines asked me to collaborate with them for a home story, even in USA. That was a great feedback for our homestyle. But then came days when I didn’t have any time anymore to write in my blog… In the beginning I was just a silent reader of some IG Accounts. But then, someday, I wanted to start my own account. Well, here I am… 🙂   

Photo @monochromehomebyjessica

4. Do you feel you have a good relationship with your followers? Oh, yes, I do. It was a great experience that a lot of my “old” blog followers found me here again, although my style changed completely in the meanwhile. It was a little bit like a “coming home” feeling and meeting good old friends after many years. That touched me deeply. In the beginning I had mainly followers from Germany, but after a while I could say Hello to followers from all over the world. That is very exiting. There are some followers which I don´t know personally, but nevertheless I have the feeling of knowing them well through their comments, their way of managing their IG accounts and styling their homes… I often laugh about comments full of humour and feel with those, who have to go through bad experiences. Of course, it isn´t possible to know all of them, but I am always very pleased about every kind word and every person who takes the time to follow me. I try my very best to answer all questions and comments, which isn´t always easy in our busy everyday.

Photo @monochromehomebyjessica

5. Do you have a favourite piece in your home at the moment? Does it have a story that you can share with us? This is a difficult question. Actually I don’t have one favourite piece, there are several. I really love my “Flos 265” Lamp. It was a little bit difficult to convince my husband of this lamp, because he feared it could disappear in the deeps of our cellar like some other lamps and furniture before… 🙂 But I also love my  two “Ay Illuminate 2” lamps, the “Ghost” sofa, my “Olive et Oriel” and “Via Martine” posters, the “andTradition” lamps, my “byLassen” candleholders… how mach time do you have for my enumeration?… 🙂

Photo @monochromehomebyjessica

6. Where do you find your inspiration? I find most of my inspirations on IG, Pinterest and in magazines. But also while going through IKEA and watching the decorated exhibitions. I often sit in one of the rooms in our house and think of perfecting or changing something. Sometimes it´s just a detail that doesn’t fit and I don´t know what that is… so I have to think about it… sounds crazy, I know… 🙂

Photo @monochromehomebyjessica

7. Do you think you have a styling addiction? If yes, is this affecting the people around you? 🙂 I AM the styling addict in person 🙂 !!! As I already said before – I always need changes, look for perfection and I need to materialise my ideas immediately after they come to my mind… Fortunately I am an adept of crafting things so I can install lamps, drill holes or built this wall in the livingroom on my own ( in those days with old windows and wooden panels… a few years later a craftsman modified it and built in the actual window), because my husband has a stressful job and no time to do all this. And I honestly couldn’t expect him to take care of my almost daily new ideas and changes… 🙂

Photo @monochromehomebyjessica

8. What is currently on your wish list when it comes to your home? Honestly ? This also changes daily ! One day I want to have one of those great bohemian “Love Warrior” posters, another day I want a “Butterfly” chair and next day I long for a Charles Eames “Lounge Chair”… Two other houses could be on my wish list to style them in different ways… 🙂 At last, I am happy with everything we have. But wait, I truly dream of the “PH5 Lamp” by Louis Poulsen.

Photo @monochromehomebyjessica

9. “Less is more” or “More is more”? Years ago I would have answered: More is more. In the meantime ” less is more”. Absolutely ! I can’t bear too many items in our home.

Photo @monochromehomebyjessica

10. Best moment of your day? The mornings, when the whole family has breakfast together. It is important for us to have this half hour together in the beginning of the day before leaving for school, work and university…

My daily work with my horse. I have a great stable and found many wonderful friends there. And working with my horse means my daily time-out from everyday’s duties and sorrows… 

The evenings when calm returns and we are cuddling on the sofa with the cats….

Photo @monochromehomebyjessica

11. Favourite day of your life? There are so many! First of all, the days when our children were born. These moments were magical and will always be in my heart. The day of our marriage. The day when we decided to buy my horse in order to save its life. The day when we moved into this house… It´s impossible to mention all of them. So many days have moments which mean a lot to me and I am grateful for.

Photo @monochromehomebyjessica

12. Name one thing you were scared to do, but you did it anywayI was scared to paint the wall in the bedroom black. And now I am still thrilled by it!

The day when I sang my first solo after many many years in front of a large audience in a large church. I thought my heart would shatter from excitement.

Photo @monochromehomebyjessica

13. If someone would write a biography about you, what do you think the title should be? Natalia ! This question is so difficult ! I really don´t know. Perhaps: Jessica – always seeing the beauty in everything… 🙂

Photo @monochromehomebyjessica

14. Any piece of advice you would like to share with the worldTrust yourself and your instinct. Don´t forget to be grateful, tender and caring and make this world a little brighter.

Photo @monochromehomebyjessica

Thank you so much Jessica for sharing a piece of your heart with us today. If you would like to see more of Jessica’s beautiful home, make sure you follow her Instagram account  @monochromehomebyjessica.

21 thoughts on “Meet Jessica and her beautiful home”

    1. Thank you Kasia, I am glad you like it! It is indeed a lovely home and that glass window between the rooms is making me want one so much 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday afternoon my dear!

      Natalia xx

  1. My dear Natalia,thank you so much for your warm words ! I am very, very proud! I truly enjoyed our interview- it was very inspiring and I am very glad I met you. Hugs, Jessica

    1. My dear Jessica,
      It was such a pleasure to get to know you better and to work on this interview with you! You made me discover a wonderful person, a loving heart and a joyful soul. Thank you for that! Have a really nice afternoon and I am glad we could do this together!

      Natalia xx

  2. I’m impressed. Jessica has shared so many wonderful moments and opinions – I did not expect that she will be so open. Pics of this bright home are amazing – perfect combo. Really great reading Naty. I can tell you both that you made my day awesome. Thank you. Hugs to you.

    1. Thank you, my dear Klara. I am so happy you liked it! A beautiful home and an even more beautiful person.
      Wish you a perfect Sunday afternoon and sending you a big hug for all your support!

      Natalia xx

  3. Beautiful home and very interesting interwiew to get to know more about Jessica. I admire very much the consequence of using the colour white. It looks so bright and clean. Looking forward to more homestories!!

    Greetings from Germany

    1. Thank you Alexandra!
      Yes, this beautiful home fits perfectly into the “all white” concept. And I am happy that so many people could discover how wonderful Jessica is. I really enjoy making these interviews! More will come, for sure.
      Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

      Natalia xx

  4. I love love love this home! I could have moved right in! Great choise, Natalia! And great job, Jessica! Wish you both a lovely Sunday evening! 🙂

    1. Thank you Siv! Jessica’s home is really beautiful. I wish I could fit in a glass window as hers in my home 🙂
      And it was so nice to find out all the lovely details she have shared with us… Have a good night my dear!

      Natalia xx

    1. Yes, Jessica’s home it’s really beautiful. It’s not easy to make an “all white” interior look cozy and inviting, but she managed that very well. Have a great day!

      Natalia xx

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Dan. This section on the blog became very popular. It’s always interesting to know more about the people living in the houses we admire so much.
      Have a wonderful new week and hope you’ll visit again!


  5. Natalia amazing post! It’s so nice to know Jéssica opinions, feelings and moments of her life. Now I can see her photos on Instagram in a different way. She is a lovely person! You both are a very inspiring person! Great interview Natalia and great answers Jessica. Have a nice week!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. It was a real pleasure to work with Jessica. She is a wonderful and warm person and I am happy I had the chance to introduce her to everybody. Very inspiring!
      Have a lovely new week!

      Natalia xx

  6. Another amazing feature! Jessica’s home is fantastic and I was so happy to see other areas of her amazing living space that I dont usually get to see on IG. Your questions were thought-out and her sense of humor really got to shine! Most of us can relate to having a LOVE for change and I couldn’t help but to share what she said about that with my Husband. (He’d be so happy if I can keep things the same) Thank you for bringing us closer into her world and thank you again for sharing yours with us. BRAVO!

    1. Dear Jeni,
      Thank you for such lovely comment. I am happy to see how welcomed these interviews are! Yes, it could be challenging for the people who live with us to cope with our continuous need for change. Jessica was very opened in her answers and I loved that. I am glad people had the chance to know her…
      Wish you a beautiful day today, my dear and thank you once again!

      Natalia xx

  7. What a beautiful home! Such a lovely read too, Jessica seems like a wonderful person. I’m loving these interviews Natalia!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Jo,
      I am really glad you like it! It is a very inspiring home and Jessica is a wonderful person. I am so happy I had the chance to introduce her and their lovely home to all my followers. Enjoy your last day of vacation!

      Natalia xx

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