My new lamp

As you might have seen already on my Instagram, I have a new lamp! And what a lovely lamp it is… Designed by Kovac Family, handmade in Sweden from sustainable materials and named graciously the 25Lamp, because it’s made of 25 pieces. I always loved design pieces that contain a number in their name, there is always something smart about that 🙂

There is so much poetry in this lamp and it goes so well with my newly, re-discovered love for wooden details. Such a delicate shape, but so powerful at the same time. Looks like a little sculpture…

I’ve tried it in different locations around my home and I realised that doesn’t really matter where I place it, the vibe around it is just beautiful.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves…

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Photo © stylingaddiction
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8 thoughts on “My new lamp”

  1. So gorgeous and perfect in your home. You have a way with aesthetic design as complementary pieces are brought together. Also that youve supported a local designer in your home country is awesome! On a side note… Oh to be 25 again.

    1. Thank you Jeni,
      I love this lamp very much. I am still caught by surprise how beautiful it is. Now I have it on a side table and it really stands out. And I bet 25 was not that long ago for you 🙂 Don’t complain 🙂 Hugs!

      Natalia xx

  2. I am really surprised how it looks amazing in your home Naty. When you sent me the pic of it I wasn´t too sure about it but you have changed my oppinion! 25lamp fits perfectly and together with wooden balls makes a pleasant warm feeling of overall styling. Love your pics so much. Wish you amazing morning a look forward to your next post!

    1. My lovely Klara, thank you so much. I know you were not too impressed of the lamp at first and I am so happy I managed to change your mind. It is really a beautiful work of art. And as you say, it goes so well with all my other wooden elements. Feels like I am ready for autumn with all these warm tones 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and wish you a wonderful afternoon, my dear!

      Natalia xx

  3. This lamp fits really perfect in your home. Together with the wooden frames and wooden balls it looks absolutely fantastic. I like it on this place (I’m not sure, where it is, maybe hallway?) more than above your dining table. But that’s only my opinion and of course it is your choice.

    Greetings from Germany, Alexandra

    1. Thank you Alexandra! As I wrote above I am moving it around my home and I am trying to find the best place for it. Above the dining table it feels a bit too small perhaps… My favourite place for it at the moment is on a side table, it looks so beautiful when the light is on… Thank you once again for all your lovely comments.
      Hope you had a great start of the week and wish you a relaxing afternoon!

      Natalia xx

  4. I am just now seeing this posting. Great views of the lamp. The overhead shot really shows the detail of craftsmanship. I almost think I like it sitting on the table but I’m not sure. Nice blog.

    1. Thank you Dan. It was not easy to take that shot from above 🙂 but I also thought it will show a different side of the lamp. The final place for it is now on the side table, so not hanged from the ceiling. Same as you, I prefer it that way as well. Wish you a really nice afternoon!


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