Meet Jesper and his inspiring home

I know I have kept you waiting a bit longer this time for my next guest here on “IG Homes” category, but it was definitely worth waiting! In today’s post we are visiting Jesper’s home in Denmark and if you haven’t recognized the first picture yet, I will be happy to reveal that Jesper is the owner of one of my favourite danish Instagram accounts @klintdrupp. You will discover a home full of classic design pieces picked with a great sense of style, a minimalistic look, clean lines and contrasts. Jesper was recently classified by Trendenser as style icon for the Old Nordic style. Spot on. 

To pursue his passion for interior design, Jesper has recently joined the blogging world and I am sure he will be more than happy if you will pay him a visit here. Enjoy our little interview and I hope you will leave with lots of inspiration!

Photo: Jesper Klintdrup Poulsen
Photo: Jesper Klintdrup Poulsen

1. Try to define your personal interior style with only 3 wordsNordic. Danish. Modern.

Photo: Jesper Klintdrup Poulsen

2. Do you have a philosophy when it comes to your homeMy philosophy with our home is that there must be simple lines and the opportunity to change things into a new house style.

Photo: Jesper Klintdrup Poulsen

3. What made you start your IG accountI started my Instagram because I needed to be inspired and share my interest for design with other design lovers.

Photo: Jesper Klintdrup Poulsen

4. Do you feel you have a good contact with your followersI’m so happy for the large network my Instagram profile has provided me, and I’m so thankful for so many who follow me there.

Photo: Jesper Klintdrup Poulsen

5. Do you have a favourite piece in your home at the moment? Does it have a story that you can share with usMy favourite piece in the home is our Axel Salto vase. We bought it at about 5 years ago . We both have always had a great fascination of his art work with ceramics.

Photo: Jesper Klintdrup Poulsen

6. Where do you find your inspirationFinding my inspiration everywhere, but also use Pinterest a lot.

Photo: Jesper Klintdrup Poulsen

7. Do you think you have a styling addiction? If yes, is this affecting the people around you? 🙂 Most definitelythere are many of my friends who see me as a great inspiration.

Photo: Jesper Klintdrup Poulsen

8. What is currently on your wish list when it comes to your home?Dreaming of getting the Poul Kjærholm PK80 daybed.

Photo: Jesper Klintdrup Poulsen

9. “Less is more” or “More is more”? Less is more.

Photo: Jesper Klintdrup Poulsen

10. Best moment of your dayThe best moment of my day is waking up beside the man I love.

Photo: Jesper Klintdrup Poulsen

11. Favourite day of your lifeGetting married with Thomas.

Photo: Jesper Klintdrup Poulsen

12. If someone would write a biography about you, what do you think the title should beCan’t answer that question, could be anything 🙂

Photo: Jesper Klintdrup Poulsen

13. Any piece of advice you would like to share with the worldMy motto is: Do what you love, you only live once.

Photo: Jesper Klintdrup Poulsen

Thank you so much Jesper for sharing your gorgeous home and thoughts with us. If you want to see more of this amazing home make sure you follow Jesper’s Instagram account @klintdrupp or visit his new blog.

6 thoughts on “Meet Jesper and his inspiring home”

    1. Thanks Jo! Jesper has indeed a great Royal Copenhagen collection… I dream about having one as well…
      Hope your day has been wonderful and thanks for visiting 🙂

      Natalia xx

  1. Beautiful portrait, Natalia! Good things take time. 😉 I really admire Jesper’s Nordic style – rough, in a way, yet charming and cosy. Will definitely check out his blog!


    1. Thank you Stephanie! Always so happy to see you here! You are right, good things do take time. Jesper style is exquisite and I am sure he will continue to build up his designer pieces collection. Very inspiring.
      Wish you a wonderful September my dear! let’s hope for a beautiful autumn…

      Natalia xx

  2. Happy to see your new post in this section Naty. Have to say that pics of Jespers’s home are really gorgeous..full of amazing details and perfect styling. What a pity he did not pay more time to answer your questions. I am sure I am not the only one who would like to know more about his living and passion for design. The most beautiful from all over the post is your intro which shows certain appreciation and admiration for his work. Looking forward to who will be the next one. Amazing evening my sweet friend✨

  3. Finally I have some minutes to leave a comment to this new Interview. I was very exited who you’d pick out next. Great choice, dear! I haven”t known this feed so far – it is truly amazing! The pics are gorgeous and Jespers home is amazing, very nordic, masculin, minimalistic, perfect in every single styling detail. . But – like Kaja already said- what a pitty that he answered your questions in this minimalistic way;-).
    I am looking forward to your next interview!
    Have a nice sunday, my sweet Natalia!

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