Autumn thoughts

“I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me, but now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.” Bob Goff. 

By pursuing our dreams, our goals, on purpose or with less purpose, we are welcoming more happiness into our life. We crave and even strive for our happiness. But how about now? Are we happy right NOW?

I asked myself if I would be happy knowing that where I am right now will NEVER change? It’s so hard to say yes, isn’t it? There are so many things we still wish for… In our case, interior lovers, there is always a new lamp, a new designer chair, a new art, even a new home… But if you think how many “things” that really matter we could loose from now on, NOW feels pretty amazing…

Autumn is my favourite season, love all the colours nature is playing with, love the changes… it makes me want to slow down and be more thoughtful…

Wish you all a wonderful September and I will leave you with my favourite quote: 

“If you think something is missing in your life, it is probably YOU…” ― Robert Holden

…and some photos, of course. I am already welcoming autumn in my home with some branches, more wood, darker colours and sheep skins…

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Photo © stylingaddiction
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17 thoughts on “Autumn thoughts”

    1. Thank you for following along Dan! Always happy to see you here. I am a bit worried that my posts are becoming too personal, so I am glad you liked it 🙂 Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the rest of the Camden festival!

      1. I think that is the beauty of a blog, it allows you to be a bit more personal. People following because they are interested in you and your styling thoughts. At least that is my thought.

  1. Good morning, my lovely friend ! What a wonderful post again , wise words and beautiful pictures. I often ask myself these questions- Reflection my life always remembers me to be grateful for all we have- and I don’t mean material things ( although they make us happy, too, especially interior lovers like us:-) ). Thank you for this beautiful and thoughtful post, my dear friend! It gave me a smile at this early sunday morning. Have a lovely day! I send you warm hugs, Jessica

    1. My dear Jessica,
      Your comment warmed my heart. Thank you. Its so important to appreciate what we already have, isn’t it? We have so much to be grateful for. From time to time it’s good to stop and reset our values… Hope Maggie is doing fine and you are all enjoying a beautiful start of this autumn. My favourite season…
      A wonderful Sunday to you my lovely friend! And a big hug to Maggie from me 🙂

      Natalia xx

    1. Thank you so much! I alway wish for my photos to inspire calmness, so I am very happy you say that. Hope your week started well and wish you good evening!

      Natalia xx

  2. Hello Dear Natalia… Your post aren’t becoming too personal in fact they are very real. These “things” that we accumulate can range anywhere from bringing us temporary happiness to long term satisfaction. Whatever the case…what fills our homes (home design) should be comforting. You remind us of this as we settle into our homes, seeking out the joys of comfort, no matter how big or small. Making the best of what we have.

    I’m loving the darker the elements you’ve shown here and appreciate all your aesthetic styling. They all stem form a natural place within you and this is why… You are admired.

    1. My dear Jeni,
      What a wonderful comment from you. Thank you so much for all your kind words and great support! It means a lot. You are a blogger too and you know how thin the line between personal and too personal is. I am still quite new to this media world and I am not always sure what my followers would like to see and read from me. So thank you for encouraging me! All my best wishes to you and good luck with your little shop!

      Natalia xx

  3. Beautiful pictures and true words! I know that I’m a type of person who always crave for something. My husband once said that I was the first person he had met that always had a Wish for something 😉 But It is true as you say, what about now? We need to stop for a minute and have time to be happy right now! And your pictures reminded me that I have a lovely sheep skin from last year in the attic, that I need to bring down 🙂
    I kind of like autumn, and your pictures gave me good vibes about the coming season. So let’s welcome September with lots of candles, sheep skins, coffee, tea and love. Happy Sunday evening to you, my dear Natalia 🙂

    1. Thank you, my dear Siv! I am falling into the same trap, alway wanting and wishing for something more. But I try to reset as often as I can and appreciate what I already have.
      Autumn is my favourite season (if it’s not raining all the time 🙂 ). I like to bring the season into my home, a bit darker and warmer colours…not really colours, but maybe more wood 🙂
      So, yes! Let’s have a wonderful September full of happy moments and love!
      A beautiful evening to you, my dear friend!

      Natalia xx

  4. Hello Natalia,

    wonderful post with wonderful photos. They are so calming and with the darker colours I really like them. You have such a good eye for styling items and things.
    And that you share your thoughts with us, makes you even more likeable and pleasant. We often get used to things and take them for granted. We should be more grateful.

    Wish you a very lovely evening, dear Natalia

    1. Thank you so much Alexandra!
      Here I can share more photos than on Instagram and I like that. And autumn always inspires me so much. As I wrote in the post, it makes me slow down and find calmness. And when you are calm you see things in a different way. In a better way…
      I am happy to see your thoughtful comments, so thank you for stopping by.
      Hope your week started well and wish you a nice and relaxing evening!

      Natalia xx

  5. Dear Natalia,

    Always love to see your professional pictures and now connected with personal thoughts gets you to someone, who cares and think about that what you do.Wish you a wonderful autumn

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I really appreciate it.
      I am happy you took some time to read my thoughts and I hope you’ll visit again.
      Wish you an inspiring autumn and a nice and relaxing Tuesday evening!

      Natalia xx

  6. Beautiful post and beautiful pictures. I think that everyone should stop from time to time and think about where he is right now, whether is he happy or not and what could be done better. You are not the only one..believe me. And do not worry that your blog is too personal – it’s YOUR blog, and your thoughts and your readers love it. It attracts people with the same focus and the same outlook on life as you have. And that’s why I am here as well my dearest friend. With lots of hugs. Yours Klara

    1. Thank you so much, my wonderful friend! You are always so supportive and I appreciate that beyond words. We can improve our life all the time and it’s good to stop from time to time and think how far we actually managed to get by now. We have so many things to be happy about…and grateful…
      Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and I am sending lots of hugs to you and Kiki.

      Natalia xx

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