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I was thinking that you might get bored of my blog if I will write another autumn-light related post 🙂 So here is something else today…

In my search for inspiration I stumbled upon this architecture and design studio and I found myself dreaming to no end. The colour palette is so calming for me and it makes me want to empty my entire home and start decorating from scratch. Grey and beige, with small darker accents… minimal, but warm…simple and exquisite.

An inspiring Sunday to all of you!

© Adam Jordan Architecture
© Adam Jordan Architecture
© Adam Jordan Architecture
© Adam Jordan Architecture
© Adam Jordan Architecture
© Adam Jordan Architecture
© Adam Jordan Architecture
© Adam Jordan Architecture
© Adam Jordan Architecture
© Adam Jordan Architecture

Photos via Adam Jordan Architecture with thanks!

6 thoughts on “Sunday dreamimg”

  1. My dearest Natalia, how could beauty ever get boring ? And your blog is full of beauty, especially your amazing autumn-light photos 🙂 ! I hope we will see many, many mor of them ! But I must admit that I am also very glad that you share this breathtaking pics of Jordan Adam Architecture with us. I know what you feel when you say that it makes you want to empty your entire home and start decorating from scratch. I have this feeling very often and it makes me nervously :-). The colour palette is really very calming and full of aesthetics and style. Being in one ot these rooms must feel like being in heaven 🙂
    I hope you are fine ? I have just little time for IG at the moment. Having at Zoo at home means am lot of joy but also many worry. Unfortunately we have a lot of it lately and it takes all my energy away…but better times will come. My thoughts are often with you and I am always glad to enjoy your beautiful pics and your wonderful posts – although I have no time to comment – so sorry !
    Have a relaxing sunday, my sweet friend. Sending you hugs, Jessica

    1. Thank you so much for these wonderful words, my lovely Jessica! Always so warm and kind!
      I am very happy you liked my autumn photos 🙂 I kind of went crazy with them lately 🙂
      I could find so much inspiration in the photos above and even though I know my home is liked by so many, I really feel I want to redo every single room, to make them more simple, more harmonious, more natural and with an effortless look… But this is normal for us, right? We always want to change something, to improve our living space…
      I really hope Maggie is still managing well her condition. I have no news about her lately, but I do think about it from time to time. I can only imagine your worries and how busy you must be, so I am really grateful for you taking time to read my posts and write such wonderful comments.
      Thank you once again and wish you a peaceful Sunday, my lovely friend!

      Hugs, Natalia

  2. The approach definitely has unity and integrity of style, even if it is a bit devoid of warmth, though that certainly is just an opinion. Well-curated !

    1. I understand what you mean, but I think it’s quite easy to bring more warmth into a space like this…you just add a few plants and flowers… a teapot and some cups on the table, sheepskins and blankets…candleholders and some more books… So I wouldn’t mind to have a base like this one to work with 🙂

  3. You are never boring! And this is devine! I love these tone in tone colors – gives such a calming feeling! Differently a interesting architecture aswell! Thank you for sharing ❤️

    1. Thank you Jeanett!
      I kind of knew you will like this post 🙂 There are some similarities to your home in these photos, for sure.
      I also feel very attracted to this colour palette, so relaxing.
      A lovely Wednesday evening to you my dear! Thank you for stopping by!


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