Autumn beauties

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons” —Jim Bishop.

Autumn, my favourite season, has so much to offer and it’s so rewarding to consciously follow the changes around us… So much beauty… and something different every day.

Even though I don’t have much colour in my home, I just love to see all this explosion of yellows and reds and everything in between. It’s like all the leaves give us their best performance before the big fall.

I was planing to try a new apple cake recipe today, but there was no time for it in the end. Next week will be a hectic one and I was afraid my cute red apples will not last until next weekend… So I’ve decided to photograph them today, just in case… I promise to come back with another post with the recipe, if it turns out to be a good one 🙂

A cozy Sunday evening to everyone!

Photo © stylingaddiction
Photo © stylingaddiction
Photo © stylingaddiction
Photo © stylingaddiction

20 thoughts on “Autumn beauties”

    1. Thanks Silvy!
      They were really pretty and I had to take some pics before eating them 🙂
      Very colourful photos compared to what I usually post, but I couldn’t help it 🙂
      Wish you a really nice new week and thank you for stopping by!

      Natalia xx

  1. I’m sure it is no surprise to you that autumn is our favorite time of year too 🙂 I love Halloween and Thanksgiving here in the states, the latter is my favorite holiday because it’s all about the things you are thankful for no matter how small and being around family.

    On a different note, that book – A Kitchen in France – has been on my wishlist since its release. Please let me know how you like it 🙂

    Have a wonderful week, Natalia

    1. I was suspecting you also like autumn 🙂 Looking forward to see some pics from your Halloween and Thanksgiving celebration!
      Now about the book… It is the best cooking book I’ve ever seen. Seriously! So beautifully written, the photos are smashing and the recipes are amazing. I’ve been cooking a lot from this book and everything came out so so good. When I have guests my menu always contains dishes from this book and my guests end up being very impressed. So I warmly recommend you this book.
      And now the second book will be out by the end of the month. I’ve already pre-ordered it cause I know it will be another great one.
      A really nice week to you Alex and thanks for visiting!


  2. I love love love autumn! Such beautiful pictures to capture the deep red that I love so much about this season.

    Looking forward to the apple cake! 😉

    Trevlig höst!!


    1. Thanks Jo!
      So much beauty in this season…. and you know my initial plan with these apples 🙂 Cake will come soon…
      Have a really nice evening and see you tomorrow!

      Natalia xx

  3. Very nice morning for me with this pleasant reading again Naty..and amazing pics of course. You can perfectly catch the light..the reflection on the Colors of autumn are awsome and this color (or better another color) in your living is really unusual but it looks great in composition. You made me beautiful start of the new week my dear friend, thank you.

    1. My wonderful friend,
      So happy you liked my post. These apples were so pretty that I had to take some photos, you know me 🙂
      My plan was to do a whole post with a nice apple cake, but as I said above, I had no time to make one this weekend.
      But that post will come too…
      Enjoy the rest of your evening, my dear Klara and a big big hug to Kiki!

      Natalia xx

  4. Hello Natalia,
    Such a nice blog post. The apples explode on your page, just like the autumn leaves. The beauty is appreciated even more knowing that it is such a brief time. As with your beautiful space, a hint of color here and there is special. These pictures are beautiful with just the right amount of natural wood included. Well done. Now, about those apple cakes.- Dan

    1. Thank you so much Dan and it’s so nice to see you here again 🙂
      I love autumn very much and I just couldn’t help to take some colourful photos.
      To get a compliment on my pictures from a skilled photographer as you it means a lot. Your autumn photos are so inspiring and always make me want to add some colours in my home. Apple cake pics will come, I promise…
      Hope your week started well and wish you a nice Monday afternoon!


  5. Such a lovely post Natalia. My mouth actually started watering. Fall is such a wonderful season but my monochromatic scheme is most welcoming when December rolls around. Despite the busy week, I hope it’s enjoyable.


    1. Thank you Jeni,
      I’ve missed you around here 🙂 You know I am all about monochrome too, but these apples were just too inspiring and I had to take some pics. Hope you are full of energy from your vacation and I wish you a really nice autumn, well, what’s left of it 🙂
      Enjoy your evening and thanks for visiting!


    1. Dear Elle,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Glad to see you here.
      I have a Canon 1200D I use two different lenses. So nothing really special 🙂
      Hope you will visit again and wish you a wonderful Tuesday evening!


  6. Wonderful pictures with the powerful red apples – they actually reminded me a bit about some of your early IG-pictures! 🙂 The ones that made me fall in love with your beautiful account.

    In many ways I like autumn, too. The lovely evenings with candles and blankets! So cozy! Let me know how the apple cake turned out. I can almost feel the tast of it through these lovely pictures.

    Good evening, always inspiring Natalia 🙂


    1. My lovely friend,
      Can’t believe you remembered my old pics with red apples!! I had to go back on my feed and search for them 🙂
      This week was a really busy one so still no apple cake, but I really hope I can make one this weekend.
      And of course you know already how much I love this season and I can’t wait to share the pics from the beautiful autumn party I’ve been this week. So inspiring!
      A wonderful weekend to you, my dear Siv! So happy to see you here!

      Hugs and kisses,

  7. Really unusual colours, but I like it. The red of the apples shines so bright and glooming… So nice photos…

    Greetings from Germany,

    1. Thank you Alexandra. These apples were just too beautiful not to photograph them… They are from my cousin’s garden and they were as tasty as they look.
      It seems that today was the day you had time to read my blog 🙂 It makes me happy…
      A lovely afternoon to you!

      Natalia xx

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