An autumn evening to remember

What a week! We are having such a wonderful autumn, but I must admit that the evening spent at Lilla Spinneriet this Wednesday was my favourite autumn moment so far. The event was organized by the always inspiring Frida from @trendenser and I still can’t believe I had the honour to be one of the guests. Right from the entrance you could feel the cosiness that comes with this beautiful season. The entire decor was spot on and the whole atmosphere was truly magical.

I was so happy to finally meet the lovely Anette, the always fun Martin, the VERY pretty ladies Anna and Emma, the cool girls from BloggkommentatorernaLotta with her artistic soul and the beautiful Caroline… So inspiring to be surrounded by 40 people who are actually living your own dream… I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!

The food was exquisite and prepared with so much love by Katja & Patrick Palmdahl. Thank you for a very tasteful experience! And now I will let you enjoy the beautiful photos taken by the talented photographer Anna Roström.











A wonderful weekend to everyone!

5 thoughts on “An autumn evening to remember”

  1. Sounds like a lovely event. I’ve wanted to attend something similar in the States. Also, I love the dining chairs! They’re similar to ones that Caitlin and I want to get for our dining area in our future home 🙂

    Great photography!

    1. Hi Alex,
      I am glad you liked the photos. We had a great photographer who took all the photos, so we can relax and enjoy the evening 🙂 It is so inspiring to attend this kind of events, so I really recommend them if you have the chance. I left with so much inspiration and motivation… And the chairs are beautiful, for sure… Can you find them in US?
      Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and thank you for reading!


      1. It’s always great to be around people who inspire you and propel your endeavors. Once we’re all settled in our new house, I will definitely look for something similar in Charlotte… and maybe even host something myself!

        As for the chairs – I had an opportunity to sit in a chair just like it and was not a fan. The backs are uncomfortable, though the structure is certainly beautiful. If you’re interested, Williams-Sonoma has them in several colors:|dining-chairs-casual

        Have a great week!

  2. Oh this looks absolutely amazing. So cozy inside, it really breathes the autumn atmosphere. Many beautiful fall colors and cozy sheepskins and linen and everything so beautifully natural. That table setting! You had to spend there a really lovely wonder that you were looking forward to it so much and then you have been full of enthusiasm:) Wonderful atmosphere with nice people – perfect combo! Thank you for sharing this moment on your blog. With lots of love my dear friend. Klara

    1. Thank you, my dear Klara. It was indeed a wonderful autumn atmosphere, so cozy and inviting. And the people I’ve met were so so inspiring! It’s so nice to be surrounded by people with same interest. Wish I could do that more often 🙂
      Hope you are having a wonderful weekend my dear! Many hugs to you and Kiki!


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