A little bit of colour

Another autumn post… just can’t help it! There is so much beauty that comes with this season… Do you remember I’ve wrote a previous post about a branch I’ve found on my way home? Something similar has happened again a few days ago. This time with these gorgeous gigantic leaves. It was very windy and all the other leaves on the ground were moving around except these two… Plus, these were the only ones in this size. I’ve passed, but had to turn back and pick them up… I looked around and coudn’t see any tree with this kind of big leaves… so I thought OK, these are meant to be mine. Had no idea what I was suposed to do with them so I just took them home and started to take photos, as I alwas do….

Photo © stylingaddiction
Photo © stylingaddiction
Photo © stylingaddiction
Photo © stylingaddiction

6 thoughts on “A little bit of colour”

  1. Such a delicate, natural arrangement – those pictures just make me happy. 🙂

    Have a lovely November! (I’ll try that apple cake recipe very soon…)


    1. Thank you Stephanie,
      You know I am not so much into colours, but these leaves were just too beautiful not to photograph… And the light was just perfect!
      Let me know how the apple cake turned out… I might make another one this weekend 🙂
      A beautiful November to you as well… Christmas is just around the corner.


  2. I am always impressed, how much you make out of little things… It is only a autumn leaf, but in combination with the vases and the teapot it looks so wonderful. You have a great eye for styling and I admire this really.

    1. Thank you Alexandra for such a lovely comment. I love to make the best of apparently simple things and there is so much beauty out there. The leafs got all wrinkled and died after two days, but I managed to save their aura through these photos 🙂 So I am happy!
      Hope you are well and wish you a wonderful weekend my dear! Thank you for visiting.

      Natalia xx

  3. Breathtaking pics, my dear friend ! And a big smile on my face while reading through your words…the leaves were meant to be yours…how often I also think things like this…see a meaning in little thinks…
    These are the moments that make our lifes special and give them so much beauty.
    Thank you for allways making me smile, Natalia !

    Kisses, Jessica

    1. Oh, so happy you liked my photos! I just fell in love with these giant leaves! I really wanted to do them justice with my photos. And you know me, I like to see the beauty in the most simple things, we need so little to be happy…
      Sending you lots of love!


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